Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Antivirus Software Causing Errors in Stonefield Query

We've received several error reports from customers over the past couple of days about errors when running reports in Stonefield Query. The most common error is "Cannot load XFRXLIB.FLL". It turns out that a recent change in the definition files for the Trend Micro anti-virus software was erroneously flagging one of our DLLs, HNDLIB.DLL, as a suspect file and quarantining it. Since XFRXLIB.FLL relies on that DLL, it fails to load so Stonefield Query can't run reports.

Apparently Trend Micro has fixed the problem, so updating to the latest definition files should resolve the problem, although you'll have to manually remove HNDLIB.DLL from quarantine.

Even if you're not using Trend Micro, it's likely a good idea to configure your anti-virus software to not scan the Stonefield Query program folder.

Update: see http://esupport.trendmicro.com/support/viewxml.do?ContentID=EN-1036613&id=EN-1036613 for instructions on configuring Trend Micro to allow or block specific programs.


Anonymous said...

We don't use Trend Micro, to remedy the problem would it be OK to simply copy the two missing files into the SFQ directory or does it need a proper installation routine running? We have the programme working fine in a different location where we can copy the missing files from.

Doug Hennig said...

Yes, you can just copy those two files. Neither requires registration.

Unknown said...

Hi Doug,

I've just installed SFQ on two PCs that have AVG free 8.5 and got this error, but AVG does not have anything in its virus vault. Is there some other explanation?


Doug Hennig said...

Hi Frank.

Do XFRXLIB.FLL and HNDLIB.DLL exist in the program folder?

BTW, it's probably better to post in our support forum.