Friday, April 30, 2010

Article on Sage Software

Software Advice has an article discussing the features of some of Sage’s ERP offerings in the manufacturing and distribution software industries, specifically MAS, X3, Pro, and PFW. Although they missed discussing Accpac, it’s still a good overview of the products it does cover.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Stonefield Query for Sage Accpac ERP Version 3.3 Build 3756

We released an update to Stonefield Query for Sage Accpac ERP version 3.3 today. It has the following new features:

  • The performance of optional fields containing character values was dramatically improved. For example, a report that used optional fields extensively used to take 2.5 hours to run but now takes 2.5 seconds!
  • You can now report on the Inventory Control Units of Measure table.
  • The relationships for the Order Entry Comments/Instructions tables (for example, Invoice Comments/Instructions) were changed so records from the other table appear regardless of whether there are Comments/Instructions records or not (in technical terms, they now use an outer join). Also, there's now a relationship between Cred. Note Comments/Instructions and Combined Invoice & Credit Note Details.
  • A relationship was added between Order Entry Posting Journals - Details and Sales History Details.
  • UniSales budget fields are handled better.
  • The Field Properties dialog now has a Suppress repeating values option for row fields. If this option is turned on (which it is by default) and several records in a row have the same value in this field, only the first occurrence is printed; the field in subsequent records appears blank.
  • Fields with drop-down lists in the Filter Condition dialog now have a blank value as an option. This allows you to blank previously entered values.