Wednesday, January 9, 2008

This Week's Build

Here are some new features implemented in the past couple of weeks:
  • If you turn on the Include All Fields in Same Table in Group Header setting in the Field Properties dialog, you can now specify that all fields in the group header should appear on the same line rather than each on its own line by turning on the new Place All Fields in Group Header on Same Line setting.
  • You can now specify multi-line headings for fields, both in the Configuration Utility as a default for the field and in the Field Properties dialog for a field in a particular report.
  • You can now press the Esc key to stop a report run at any point rather than just while the pages are being rendered as was the case in earlier versions.
  • You now get a warning if you run a report that has no filter, with an option to run the report anyway. This prevents a long-running report because you forgot to create a filter. An new setting in the Options dialog allows you to turn this warning off.
  • You now get a warning if you have a custom SQL statement for a report and filter on a field in a table that isn't specified in the SQL statement. The reason is because the filter condition can't be just added to the WHERE clause of the SQL statement since its table isn't specified in the FROM or JOIN clauses.
  • The View Field Contents function in the Configuration Utility is now disabled for calculated fields with the Stonefield Query Expression setting turned on, but now works properly if that setting is turned off.
  • A new GetReportFilter method of the loReport object can be used to display the filter conditions for the report.