Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Email Back Up

Our email server had problems yesterday; it bounced back everything sent to it. Fortunately, it's working again, so please resend any email you tried to send.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Stonefield Query Version 3.2 Build 3169

We posted updated versions of the Stonefield Query SDK, Stonefield Query for Sage Accpac ERP, and Stonefield Query for Sage Pro ERP today with the following changes.

All Versions

  • The performance of many types of reports was improved.
  • Stonefield Query now supports previewing when called from the command line (we had removed that capability but have added it back).
  • You no longer get an error running a report from another application or running a scheduled report if Stonefield Query is already open.
  • You can now specify AllowDialogs on the command line to tell Stonefield Query to display the ask-at-runtime dialog if there are any ask-at-runtime conditions rather than having the program terminate with error -13. It will still terminate with that error code if the user clicks Cancel in the ask-at-runtime dialog so your application can tell whether the report ran to completion or not.
  • Specifying DBF for the file type and not specifying NOSHOW (that is, you want to display the contents of the resulting DBF file) when calling Stonefield Query from the command line now properly displays the file.
  • The Maintain Users and Groups dialog no longer allows you to remove the Administrators group from the last user in that group; otherwise, no one would be able to access this dialog.
  • Subqueries in custom SQL statements are now handled better.
  • Stonefield Query now supports exclusion filters for tables that have complex joins between them (that is, more than one field matching another).
  • Typos in the Dutch versions of some messages were corrected.
  • The demo welcome dialog no longer mentions Webinars, since they aren't available for all versions.
  • The locations of some runtime files were moved to more logical locations.
  • A bug that caused the Table dropdown list to revert to the default table when you select a different table, turn on Show Only Favorites, and click the Values button was fixed.
  • If you are editing a report in a report wizard, then activate the Reports Explorer and close it or choose Exit, the report wizard window now comes to the top before asking if you want to cancel the report; this makes it more obvious which report it refers to.
  • Stonefield Query now correctly handles a filter value that contains " select" in it.
  • Source Database fields are no longer removed from the Available Fields list in Step 2 of the report wizards when you turn on the Show Only Favorites option.
  • A bug that prevented changes to the SQL statement for a report from being saved after clicking the Reset button in the Customize Report Wizard was fixed.
  • You no longer get an error if you have a report with more than one grouped field, have Show Count in Group Footer turned off for the last grouped field, have Summary Report turned on, and output the report to Microsoft Excel - Data Only.
  • Fields that have a different data type displayed in Stonefield Query than are actually stored in the database (for example, date values stored as character strings in the database but displayed as true date values in Stonefield Query) no longer cause an error when output to Web Page - Table format.
  • The Edit button is now disabled if you select a report that contains tables or fields you don't have access to. Previously, the button was enabled but brought up the Edit Folder dialog if you clicked it.
  • You can now pass a numeric value as the second parameter to the GetConditionValue function to return the filter value for the Nth condition. For example, if there are two conditions for Customers.CompanyName, use GetFilterCondition('Customer.CompanyName', 2) to get the value of the second condition.
  • Previously, the page header of a report called from a linked report showed an incorrect filter value for certain types of linking fields (although the data in the report was correct). This was fixed.
  • Certain types of character fields weren't output with quotes surrounding them when outputting to a comma-delimited (CSV) file. This was fixed.
  • Longer SQL statements are now allowed.
  • Filter expressions using Stonefield Query objects (such as comparing Salesperson to oUser.cUserName) now work properly.
  • Stonefield Query now properly handles fields containing ")", "(", and " FROM ".
  • Previously, if FieldA appears before FieldB in the report, FieldB is grouped, and FieldA appears in the group header band for FieldB, FieldA was covered with template objects such as the grey bar in the Elegant template. This was fixed.
  • A bug that didn't properly set up the groupings in a report if you grouped on FieldA, then added FieldB, moved it above FieldA, grouped on it, and moved the grouping above FieldA was fixed.
  • A bug that misaligned a field's heading in the second row of column headings when the first row has a multi-line heading was fixed.
  • A bug that caused an error if you included a date field in the series of a chart, didn't change the field properties to be displayed as something other than date, and have your Windows configured to display dates using month and day parts of less than two digits (such as M/D/YYYY) was fixed.


  • The Heading property for fields is no longer updated when you refresh the data dictionary. It should either be the same as the caption (internally, it's blank, meaning the use the caption as the heading) or a custom value, so in either case, it shouldn't be changed when refreshing.
  • The Resource Editor is now resizable.
  • The Values dialog no longer gives an error when you've defined a field as Character or Varchar with less than 254 characters but it actually has more than that.
  • A bug that causes an error if you follow the "Joins Between Different Databases" tutorial in the help file but use the Visual FoxPro Northwind database rather than the Access or SQL Server version was fixed.
  • You no longer get a warning that you're not eligible to use this version of the Stonefield Query Configuration Utility if your software maintenance expires.

Sage Accpac ERP

  • Optional fields are no longer removed from the Available Fields list in Step 2 of the report wizards when you turn on the Show Only Favorites option.
  • The Salesperson tables in Accounts Receivable and Order Entry now have "(AR)" and "(OE)" in their descriptions so you can distinguish them.
  • There are several new Extended Price fields in the Order Entry Order Details table that display the extended price based on various quantities, such as quantity ordered, quantity backorder, quantity shipped, and so forth.

Sage Pro ERP

  • Stonefield Query no longer gives an error if it encounters a blank record in the system company table.
  • The relationships for several tables between Sales Orders and Accounts Receivable were changed so reports showing fields from both modules work better.
  • The table you would most likely report on is now automatically selected in Step 2 of the report wizards rather than the first table in alphabetical order.
  • The MACODE field, which displayed as "Obsolete Field", was removed from the SOTRAN, SOTRN, and SOYTRN tables.