Monday, February 8, 2016

Stonefield Query for Act! Version 5.2.5868

We are pleased to announce the release of version 5.2.5868 of Stonefield Query for Act!. There are several new features in this release.
  • A new type of output is available: Microsoft Word Mail Merge. This allows you to perform a mail merge from a report to create form letters.
  • A formula can now use an expression that doesn't retrieve data from the database, such as " ", which allows you to add a blank column to a report.
  • The SQLookup function can now return an expression instead of just a field. The expression must be one the database engine can understand rather than a Stonefield Query expression.
  • The GetConditionValue function now accepts a parameter indicating which value for "is between" and "is one of" conditions is returned.
  • You can now turn off usage reporting by adding Usage=N to the [Options] section of Data.ini.
  • If none of your data fields contain null values, you can make processing slightly faster by adding HandleNull=N to the [Options] section of Data.INI.
  • Grouping formulas can now be used as data fields in a cross-tab report.
  • Cross-tab reports now use the text for the Summary Total Template field in the template if it exists; this allows you to customize the text displayed for the totals line by changing the text in the template used by the report.
  • Help now displays correctly even when running from a server without having to install the help file on the workstation.
  • The Calculate Value at Group Level setting in the Formula Editor is now disabled if the field is a grouping formula since a formula can't be both.
  • The GetConditionValue, GetValueForField, GetValueForParameter, GoMonthDay, SQLookup, STOD, and RunSQL functions now appear in the Built-in Functions list in the Expression Builder.
  • The Print button in the Preview window is now disabled for a label report using a Dymo label size since it works better to print those labels directly rather than previewing first.
  • You can now specify "login" on the command line to prompt the user to log in when running a dashboard from a shortcut. Also, theDashboard Wizard now has a "Require login" setting in step 2.