Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Stonefield Query Version 3.2 Build 3105

We posted updated versions of the Stonefield Query SDK, Stonefield Query for Sage Accpac ERP, and Stonefield Query for Sage Pro ERP today with the following changes.

All Versions

  • A bug that causes a problem with filtering on the second of two fields with the same name was fixed.
  • A bug that resulted in a bogus "The exclusion filter involves tables that appear in the report" warning when creating an exclusion filter was corrected.
  • Row fields in cross-tabulation report now respect the bold setting for the fields.
  • Field and expression filters now work properly with the "contains" operator.
  • Typos in some Dutch translations were fixed.


  • Refreshing the data dictionary no longer converts fields you've change to Logical back to the Integer data type they're actually stored as. The same is true for Date fields no longer being converted back to DateTime fields.
  • A bug that prevented Setup.Changed from being called when the Setup dialog is closed was fixed.
  • The Data Groups dropdown in the table properties page now drops down as expected. Previously, under some conditions, it failed to do so.

Sage Accpac ERP

  • Sage Accpac ERP version 5.5 is now supported.
  • Accpac databases are now shown as the company name rather than the data source name in the Open Database dialog and the status bar of the Reports Explorer.
  • The descriptive names of many tables now matches those in the Accpac documentation.
  • A bug causing the wrong company name to appear in the header of reports was corrected.
  • Most modules now have a default table. For example, if you select Accounts Receivable when creating a quick report, the Customers table is selected by default

Sage Pro ERP

  • Sage Pro ERP version 7.5 is now supported.
  • Relationships between a number of tables have been improved. For example, ARMAST is now a preferred over ARCUST as a relation to ARTRAN, ARYTRN, ARTRN, ARCASH, ARYCSH, and ARCSH when all three used.
  • Relationships were added  for SOHSHP-SODSHP, SOHSP-SODSP, SOYSHP-SOYDSP, SODSHP-SOTRAN, SOYDSP-SOYTRN, and SODSP-SOTRN. Relationships for SODSHP-SOMAST, SODSHP-SOMST, SODSP-SOMST, and SOYDSP-SOMAST were removed; these relations should go through SOHSHP instead.
  • Refreshing the data dictionary from the Sage Pro system database in the SDK Configuration Utility no longer adds system tables to the Stonefield Query data dictionary.
  • Selecting an invalid directory for the Sage Pro folder in the Locations page of the Options dialog now displays the correct directory name in the error message that appears.