Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Improvements in Stonefield Query for GoldMine

In addition to all the new features and bug fixes in Stonefield Query (and if you've been following this blog, you know there are a lot of them), we made the following improvements in Stonefield Query for GoldMine:

  • There are new Read, In History, and Attachments fields in the Mailbox table.
  • The Key1 through 5 fields in the upper quadrant in GoldMine are now available in the Combined Main and Other Contacts table.
  • You can now report on both the History and Mailbox tables at the same time. Also, if you filter on the History Date but don't filter on the Mailbox Date, the History Date is automatically used for Mailbox to prevent a lot of records from being retrieved and slowing down performance.
  • The Create Group in GoldMine function now displays a progress bar, which is handy if there are lots of members.
  • It better handles the GoldMine DBALIAS.INI file in different locations.
  • An issue with filtering on the various Opportunity and Project tables using OR conditions with dBase tables was resolved.
  • A bug that gave an error when converting from Stonefield Query version 2.4 or earlier was fixed.
  • A bug that prevented custom fields in GoldMine from showing up in Stonefield Query if you upgraded GoldMine from version 4 at some point was fixed.
  • The proper captions for fields in the Combined Main and Other Contacts table are now displayed.
  • A bug that caused only the first 35 characters of the Web site to be displayed was fixed.

These improvements will be in version 3.2, due for release later this month.