Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Few More Changes

Last week, we blogged about the "last changes" in version 3.2. We actually did a few more in the past week: one new feature and the rest fixes for bugs found in beta testing.

  • A new workstation installer, WSSETUP.EXE, is included in the application folder. This allows the user to install Stonefield Query on their system, then run WSSETUP.EXE from the server on each workstation to install just the runtime files required. This makes it easier for users to do workstation installs; some users found running the same SETUP.EXE for both server and workstation to be confusing, plus there are very few prompts in the workstation installer. It also installs the help file on the local drive to eliminate the security issue with CHM files on network drives.
  • Stonefield Query now handles the TOP N clause in MySQL by changing it to a LIMIT N clause.
  • If you have multiple action scripts, they're now shown in alphabetical order in the Link page of the Field Properties dialog. Also, a bug that prevented link actions from being saved when the link action script returns only a single field name was fixed.
  • A bug that causes an error when you click the Values button in the Exclusion Condition dialog was fixed.
  • A bug that caused an error when returning a cursor with no records from a Table.Select script was fixed.
  • The OK button in the Locate dialog, which only appears if the TargetApp entry in DATA.INI points to an invalid folder, is now enabled after selecting a valid folder.


Anonymous said...

Great to see all the changes and additional features! Just two questions about features I mentioned at the Devcon last year and I don't know if they made it into your new version.

1) You can right now schedule reports for the system. Is there now a function which allows you to delete schedules? Because so far I think it can be just done manually with the windows standard ways.

2) Is the import of foxfire reports included in the file menu or will it stay as it is with 3.1?

Thanks for the great tool!
Best regards,

Doug Hennig said...

Hi Steffen.

Unfortunately, neither of those changes will be in version 3.2. We can look at adding a function to delete schedules, but we will likely not add FoxFire import to the File menu because it's usually a one-time only need.