Monday, December 10, 2007

This Week's Build

Work last week focused mainly on the negative query feature I blogged about last week. We also did a number of bug fixes and added a couple of new things:
  • Filtering on a calculated field that has a different output data type than how it's actually stored (for example, a character field you want treated as a logical field) in a custom SQL statement now works correctly.
  • Using the RunSQL function in the Advanced Report Designer with a SQL statement containing a join now works correctly.
  • Previously, if you used the zoom feature for the code for a script (right-click and choose Zoom), then selected a different script, then closed the zoom window, the selected script's code was overwritten with the code in the zoom window. Now, the code is saved to the originally selected script.
  • The Subtable Filter of a subtable has to contain a reference to the subtable, not the original table. To prevent errors, when you fill in the filter, the Configuration Utility automatically converts the original name to the subtable name in case you entered the wrong name.
  • The DataEngine object has a new GetFieldsFromSQLStatement method that, similar to the GetTablesFromSQLStatement method, returns a collection of the fields involved in the specified statement.