Friday, December 21, 2007

ACCPAC Query is Back!

In 2000, we created a customized version of Stonefield Query for the ACCPAC accounting system. It became so popular with ACCPAC resellers and customers that ACCPAC International, the company that makes ACCPAC, licensed it from us as one of their ACCPAC Options products. We renamed it to ACCPAC Query and private labelled it for them so it had their company name, logo, and activation mechanism. Later that year, we created a similar version for the ACCPAC Pro Series accounting system, formerly known as SBT.

Fast forward seven years. By a mutual decision, Sage Software (which now owns ACCPAC International) has returned all rights to ACCPAC Query back to Stonefield Software. Both companies are very happy about this, because it allows Sage Software to concentrate their support and marketing resources on their own products (they've been returning almost all of their "OEM" products back to the original developers for this reason) and we are now free to develop and market the product as we see fit.

For ACCPAC Query users and resellers, this is definitely a great thing for a variety of reasons:
  • You'll get support directly from Stonefield Software. Who knows software better than the developers? As you can see from the testimonials, Stonefield is renowned for providing timely, superior technical support for all of our products.
  • More frequent updates. The release of new versions of ACCPAC Query is no longer tied to the release cycle of Sage products nor is it held up by the limited resources of the Sage product development team. For example, a new version of ACCPAC Query, providing powerful new features such as charting and drilldowns, is planned for March 2008. This version wasn't due for release from Sage Software until Q3 2008.
  • We have a new reseller program Sage Business Partners will love, including better margins and support. We're in the process of staffing a new Channel Account Manager for Accounting Systems; once that's done, he or she will contact all Sage Business Partners with details.
  • More and better training. We're in the middle of revamping training for Stonefield Query and plan to roll out a number of new courses that go more in-depth into the program early in the new year.

If you're a Sage Business Partner or Sage ERP or Sage Pro ERP user, contact us now to find out about the new ACCPAC Query and how it can help your business. Call Mickey at 800-563-1119 today.