Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Stonefield Query Features Added

We added the following new features in the past week:

  • Support for terminating licenses, or subscriptions. (Note that we used to call annual fees for updates and support "subscriptions" but have changed that to "software maintenance".) This allows someone to license the use of Stonefield Query one month at a time.

  • Templates can now specify the paper size and source (such as a certain bin) so you don't need to use the Advanced Report Designer to, for example, output a report on legal paper.

  • Support for queries involving the absense of data (internally, we call these "negative queries"). For example, suppose you want a list of all people you did not contact last year or all customers who didn't buy a certain product. Previously, you had to customize the SQL statement for the report to achieve this. Now you simply specify how to exclude certain records using the same dialog you use to create a filter on a report.

  • Places in Stonefield Query that support expressions (such as the report header or footer) now support non-character expressions such as the current date.

  • The Text datasource handles more types of date values.

  • Bug fix: Stonefield Query wasn't respecting changes to the font style for a field in a report (for example, making it bold).

  • Bug fix: the Ignore This Condition choice in the conditions list of the Link page in the Field Properties dialog acted like None (that is, you were still prompted for an ask-at-runtime condition).

  • Bug fix: a data group with a name that's a subset of another data group (for example, "My Group" and "My Group 1") now works properly.

  • Bug fix: the Advanced Report Designer no longer sizes a field past the right edge of the report when it automatically determines the size.