Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Stonefield Query for Sage 300 Version 7.5 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of version 7.5 of Stonefield Query for Sage 300. Here are the new features.
  • Clicking a data point in a chart in a dashboard may now refresh other charts in the dashboard. This allows you, for example, to have a chart showing sales by year and another chart showing sales by month in a specific year. Clicking a year in the first chart changes the year used in the second one.
  • Related to the previous feature, you can have a chart in a dashboard automatically cycle through its X-axis values as filter values for other reports in the dashboard.
  • You can now specify that a chart included in a quick or cross-tab report should appear on its own page.
  • Charts now show "(None)" instead of a blank series.
  • The Output each group as a separate file option for outputting to file or email is now supported for chart reports.
  • The paging control in a chart now only appears if there's more than one page of data points.
  • Column heading objects no longer appear on the last page of a report containing a chart at the bottom.
  • Negative numbers formatted to display with parentheses are now right-justified on the last numeric position rather than on the closing parenthesis.
  • You can now specify vertical alignment for objects—top, middle, or bottom—in the Advanced Report Designer.
  • Microsoft Excel documents created by outputting a report using Excel Data-Only (Fast) output now support the desired font and size for each column and display fields formatted as % properly.
  • Tooltips are now supported. You can specify the tooltip for a field in the Properties dialog and that tooltip appears when you hover the mouse over a value for that field in the Preview window, in a PDF file, and in a HTML file.
  • You can now enter comments for a folder when you create or edit it and the comments are shown on the Information page of the Reports Explorer.
  • The default value for the Weeks starts on setting in the Options dialog is now the same as your Windows Regional Settings.
  • You can now report on several fields in the reports table, including Comments, Created By, and Created At, in the usage reporting module.
  • Preview functionality in the Advanced Report Designer that was removed in version 7.2 was restored.
  • The default for the Display grid lines setting is now turned on.
  • Cross-tab reports output to Excel Data-Only (Fast) now handle numeric row fields as numeric and don't include subtotals.
  • You can now optionally sum a numeric field in the row of a cross-tab report.
  • You can now specify a list of values for the user to choose from in the GetValuesForParameter function.
  • You can now create and populate a ValuesCollection object using the new ValuesCollection function.
  • Emailing using SMTP now handles email servers that use a newer protocol for SSL.