Friday, May 22, 2020

Stonefield Query for GoldMine Version 7.5 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of version 7.5 of Stonefield Query for GoldMine. Here are the new features.
  • Clicking a data point in a chart in a dashboard may now refresh other charts in the dashboard. This allows you, for example, to have a chart showing sales by year and another chart showing sales by month in a specific year. Clicking a year in the first chart changes the year used in the second one.
  • Related to the previous feature, you can have a chart in a dashboard automatically cycle through its X-axis values as filter values for other reports in the dashboard.
  • You can now specify that a chart included in a quick or cross-tab report should appear on its own page.
  • Charts now show "(None)" instead of a blank series.
  • The Output each group as a separate file option for outputting to file or email is now supported for chart reports.
  • The paging control in a chart now only appears if there's more than one page of data points.
  • Column heading objects no longer appear on the last page of a report containing a chart at the bottom.
  • Negative numbers formatted to display with parentheses are now right-justified on the last numeric position rather than on the closing parenthesis.
  • You can now specify vertical alignment for objects—top, middle, or bottom—in the Advanced Report Designer.
  • The connection process for SQL Server databases with TLS 1.2 enabled has been improved.
  • Microsoft Excel documents created by outputting a report using Excel Data-Only (Fast) output now support the desired font and size for each column and display fields formatted as % properly.
  • Tooltips are now supported. You can specify the tooltip for a field in the Properties dialog and that tooltip appears when you hover the mouse over a value for that field in the Preview window, in a PDF file, and in a HTML file.
  • You can now enter comments for a folder when you create or edit it and the comments are shown on the Information page of the Reports Explorer.
  • The default value for the Weeks starts on setting in the Options dialog is now the same as your Windows Regional Settings.
  • You can now report on several fields in the reports table, including Comments, Created By, and Created At, in the usage reporting module.
  • Preview functionality in the Advanced Report Designer that was removed in version 7.2 was restored.
  • The default for the Display grid lines setting is now turned on.
  • Cross-tab reports output to Excel Data-Only (Fast) now handle numeric row fields as numeric and don't include subtotals.
  • You can now optionally sum a numeric field in the row of a cross-tab report.
  • You can now specify a list of values for the user to choose from in the GetValuesForParameter function.
  • You can now create and populate a ValuesCollection object using the new ValuesCollection function.
  • Emailing using SMTP now handles email servers that use a newer protocol for SSL.