Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Stonefield Query SDK Version 7.1

We are pleased to announce the release of version 7.1 of the Stonefield Query SDK. This is mainly a maintenance release but there are a few new features.

  • The Stonefield Query SDK is now available with two license types: Ultimate and Pro. Ultimate is the full-featured version of the SDK and is designed for developers creating reporting solutions for their customers while Pro is a less expensive license intended for consultants, IT staff, or technical people creating a reporting solution for internal use or a single customer.

  • The new Content setting for fields allows you to specify the type of content for a field, which determines how it's rendered in a report.

  • You can now open multiple instances of Stonefield Query Studio.

  • The new BusinessDays function returns the number of business days between the two specified dates, skipping Saturday and Sunday and optionally holidays.

  • There are new This Calendar Year and This Fiscal Year choices for the Is operator for filter conditions on date fields.

  • Grand totals for subreports no longer appear at end of the main report since they are rarely wanted.

  • All dialogs have help buttons so help is even easier to access than before.

  • The Scheduled Tasks dialog now automatically refreshes itself every five seconds while a schedule is being run, saving you having to manually click the Refresh button periodically to see if the task finished.

  • You can no longer change the Data group or table for an existing formula since doing that causes the formula to fail. If you need to change the table, recreate the formula in the correct table.

  • The cross-tab and label field properties dialogs now have an Enclose negative values in parentheses option.