Friday, May 29, 2009

Stonefield Query Version 3.3 Build 3436

We don’t normally release an update just a couple of days after the previous one, but a change we made in how summary reports are handled wasn’t very popular with some customers! Also, we made a few other improvements and bug fixes:

  • Some customers didn’t like a change we made regarding the treatment of non-grouped non-totalled fields in a quick report with "Summary report" turned on (it added those fields to the group header and it affected grouping totals), so we changed it back the way it was.
  • Stonefield Query can now handle Crystal reports that report on tables that aren’t in the data dictionary, such as custom views in your database.
  • In Step 2 of the External Report Wizard, you can now indicate that you want to use the Crystal report’s connection information rather than the current database open in Stonefield Query. That’s important if the report should always connect to a specific database regardless of what’s open in Stonefield Query.
  • You now get a warning message if you try to add a Crystal data pipe report to Stonefield Query, since those types of reports aren’t supported.
  • A problem that prevented scheduled reports from sending emails unless a BCC recipient was specified was fixed.
  • Stonefield Query can now handle semicolons between email addresses (it previously expected you to use commas).
  • Stonefield Query now handles custom SQL statements with ORDER BY or GROUP BY in a subquery properly.
  • A bug that caused the FilterConditions collection of report objects retrieved using the SQProxy object from being properly initialized was fixed.
  • If you selected a report using a data group/module (for example, Accounts Receivable), then added a new formula and in the Expression Builder chose a table from a different data group/module, the fields for that table didn’t appear. That was fixed.