Thursday, February 14, 2008

Stonefield Query 3.2 in Beta

Stonefield Query 3.2 is now in beta. Here are some additional changes we made this week:

  • The Desktop Image configuration property was removed since Stonefield Query no longer has a background window to display it in.
  • The SQApplication object has a new CanEditReports property you can set to False to prevent the user from creating or editing reports under certain conditions (for example, perhaps demo users should only run existing reports).
  • The Import Report function now handles invalid files better.
  • You now get a warning message if you open a report in the Advanced Report Designer that has an image file that no longer exists or has been moved to a different folder. The image is replaced with a placeholder that you can edit to correct the file location.
  • The Configuration Utility no longer terminates after you've activated it.
  • Changing the connection settings for a database from ODBC to VFP no longer gives a Locate DBCXREG dialog when you refresh the database.
  • The properties page for a database in the Configuration Utility now includes settings for Add All Tables to the Data Dictionary, Include Views, and Prompt for Subtables. Formerly, these settings were only available in the Add Database dialog, making it difficult to use different settings when you refresh the database.
  • Including two enumerated fields with the same name (for example, RECTYPE from two different tables) in a report no longer displays blank values for the second field.