Monday, February 4, 2008

The Latest Build

We added several new features and fixed a number of bugs in the last three weeks.

  • The Cross-Tab, Label, and Chart wizards now have an Advanced button that brings up the same dialog available in the Quick Report Wizard to specify TOP value, customize the SQL statement for a report, or specify code to execute at certain places for the report.
  • You can now specify that a field should go into the group header for another field. For example, suppose you group on City from the Customers table but want to show the Region in the group header as well. If you turn on the Include all fields in same table in group header option in the Group page in the Field Properties dialog, all fields in the Customers table will appear in the group footer, which isn't what you want. Instead, turn the new Include this field in the group header for setting on and select City from the drop-down list to place just City and Region in the group header. Since all fields that appear in group headers now appear in summary reports, Region will no longer be excluded from such a report.
  • The Options dialog has a new Locations page where you can easily change the location where reports are stored.
  • The Setup dialog now prompts you for your email settings. These are needed to email reports. However, many people don't realize they need to set these settings in the Options dialog so they can't email reports.
  • You can now select specific reports to export or export all or some of the reports in a specific folder. The Export All Reports function in the File menu was renamed to Export Reports; selecting it now displays a dialog from which you can select which specific reports or folders to export. The Export Report function in the File menu was renamed to Export Selected Report.
  • You can now edit the security properties for a folder by selecting the folder and clicking Edit in the Reports Explorer.
  • The Information page in the Reports Explorer now show what groups the selected report or folder is available to.
  • Importing a report that uses a data group that doesn't exist any more (for example, it was renamed) no longer makes the report invisible but instead resets the data group to All.
  • Renaming a user in the Maintain Users and Groups dialog automatically moves all their reports to the new name.
  • The Commonly Used Expression drop-down in the Expression Builder now only shows common expressions that match the data type of the expression being built. For example, the common date expressions now only appear for date expressions. Also, a new First Day of Previous Month expression was added.
  • A splash screen can now appear when Stonefield Query starts up if you create an image named SPLASH.BMP, JPG, JPEG, or PNG that you want displayed in the splash screen.
  • You can now distribute customized Standard and Elegant templates in the Sample Templates folder. Previously, the internal versions of these templates were always used.
  • Returning False from the DataEngine.GetCustomMetaData script now terminates Stonefield Query so you can close the application if you detect a problem in such a script.
  • Grand totals at the end of the report no longer appear on a second line if they will fit on the first one.
  • The Generate Setup function in the Configuration Utility no longer gives an "Inno Setup is not installed" error if you installed only the Inno Quick Start Pack and not the full Inno Setup.
  • A bug that gave an error when running a report with a filter from a text data source was fixed.
  • A bug that prevented case-insensitive filters when the filter Compare to setting is set to Field was fixed.
  • A bug that sometimes caused the login dialog to appear off-screen so you couldn't see it was fixed. For details, see
  • A bug that caused a field needed by a link action to appear in both the available and selected lists in Step 2 of the Quick Report Wizard was fixed.
  • A bug that sometimes caused a filter condition to be mangled if it contained a single quote (for example, SomeField = 'Barney's Store') or a pair of empty quotes (for example, SomeField = '') was fixed.
  • The cFilter property of the loReport object is now set to the filter for the report.