Friday, November 30, 2007

ACT 10.1 Update

Recently, the 10.1 update of ACT! was released by Sage Software. In this release, several fields in the ACT! data provider were renamed. In particular, the record type field was renamed from "History Types Name" to "HistoryType Name" in the history tables, and the stage field was renamed from "Opportunity Stage Stage" to "Stage Stage" in the opportunity tables.

Unfortunately, these changes have the potential to break some Stonefield Query for ACT! reports. If a user has a report using one of these fields, and updates to ACT! version 10.1, then the report will no longer work; the report references the old field name, but the database now has only the new field name. We have updated Stonefield Query for ACT! to deal with this issue, and the fix is included in the currently posted version of Query.

Also, ACT! has made available two new items in their data provider: Opportunity History and Logon History. The opportunity history gives information about the changes made to opportunities over their lifetime, such as when their field values have been changed. The logon history gives information about the history of users' logons to the ACT! database. We have added support for these two new items to Stonefield Query for ACT!. Contact us if you're interested in an interim build with these additions (this is only available for current subscribers). Keep in mind that interim builds haven't been fully tested and the documentation hasn't been updated.


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