Friday, June 4, 2021

Stonefield Query Enterprise Version 6.0

We are pleased to announce the release of version 6.0 of Stonefield Query Enterprise. Here are the new features:

  • Administrators can now create usage reports. When creating a new quick report, use the new "Usage" table to access this data.

  • You can now upload report files to a SFTP server. To specify that the target ftp server should use SFTP, prefix the server name with "sftp://".

  • Report parameters are now available in the Advanced Report Designer.

  • Previewing a chart now displays the same view as when outputting the chart to a file. You'll still see the old chart view if a chart has click actions (e.g. drillthrough).

  • You can now edit the values of parameters for an existing SQL Passthrough report. You'll find these settings under Advanced Report Properties in step 5 of the report wizards.

  • In addition to being displayed with green colored text, "logged in" users now also have an icon displayed next to their entry in the user list. This should be helpful for users with certain types of color blindness.

  • You can now search formulas by name, report or caption (or tenant in a multi-tenant environment).

  • Formulas now display the tenant they belong to in a multi-tenant environment.

  • Tenant administrators can now see all schedules for users in their tenant.

  • Issues with a field display expression no longer prevent the report from running.

  • Added several new loading indicators.

  • Stonefield Query is now built using ASP.NET Core 5.0. This version supports hosting the web application in an IIS Process, where the previous version required the use of a proxy. This should improve performance. If you're migrating from a previous version, see the Migrating from an earlier release topic.

  • Stonefield Query can now automatically compile your plugins for you.

  • A new plugin type, StonefieldQueryCustomReportOutput, allows you to specify a custom output type. By default, Stonefield Query can email a report or upload it to an FTP site. This plugin allows you to specify a new type, like uploading to Azure, or storing in a local document database, for example.

  • A new log file is available, "reportlog.txt". This log file contains a log of which reports were run, when they were run, and how long each took to run.

  • Stonefield Query now supports running in a Web Farm.

  • Stonefield Query no longer uses the Windows scheduler to execute schedules. They now run in process, which means there's a lot less overhead involved in starting a schedule. This also allows the scheduler to take advantage of load balancing when running in a Web Farm.

  • You can now use UNC network paths in a provider connection string (i.e //servername/sharename).

  • Improved startup performance.

  • Users with 2FA enabled are now redirected to an intermediate token page, rather than relying on javascript on the login page to support this.