Monday, December 2, 2019

Stonefield Query for AccountMate Version 7.4

We are pleased to announce the release of version 7.4 of Stonefield Query for AccountMate. Here are the new features.

  • There's a new option when emailing a report: Embed report in email. Turn this on to include the report as HTML in the body of the email.

  • There's a new output type: Microsoft Word Merge to a PDF file.

  • Output to Microsoft Excel Full Format (XLSX file) and Microsoft Word (DOCX file) is now supported from a scheduled task since those formats no longer need the application (Excel or Word) to be installed on the system and run during output.

  • Output to HTML is now supported when emailing.

  • Users who have the Advanced setting turned off can no longer view snapshots for report runs nor turn that setting on in the Options dialog.

  • Grouping formulas that contain ask-at-runtime filter conditions now put the values of those conditions into the Parameters collection of the report object so they can be used if necessary, such as in a report header.

  • You can now change the Data group or table for an existing formula when you edit it from the Formulas dialog. You still can't change those when you edit the formula from step 2 of the report wizards.

  • If you want to manually create the result set for a report in the AfterData script of the report, enter "*:" for the SQL statement in the Customize Report Wizard to indicate that Stonefield Query should not retrieve any data itself.

  • You can now pass a single default value rather than a collection of values as the default parameter for the GetValueForParameter and GetValueForField functions if you aren't using the between or is one of operators.

  • The Check for Updates function now works with our recently changed web server.

  • A better message is displayed if testing the email settings in the Options dialog fails.

  • <img> tags are now supported in HTML content when the Display as setting in the Field Properties dialog is set to "Formatted HTML".

  • Information for several data.ini options was added to the documentation.