Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Stonefield Query Enterprise Web Version 3.0 Released

Stonefield Software is pleased to announce the release of version 3.0 of Stonefield Query Enterprise Web. There are dozens of new features in this release, the major ones being listed below. See the online help for both Stonefield Query and Stonefield Query Studio for a complete list of new features.

For developers, note that version 3.0 has a breaking change if you’ve created your own value converters, as the interface for them has changed. You’ll need to update and recompile your plugin code to work with version 3.0.

Stonefield Query
  • The Reports Explorer now has a toolbar at the top with buttons for the selected report rather than sets of buttons for each report. This makes for a more attractive display and dramatically improves performance in Internet Explorer.

  • Cross-tab reports and charts now support subreports.

  • Outputting a cross-tab report to XLSX Full Format now outputs to a Microsoft Excel PivotTable.

  • The Advanced Report Designer is now available within the browser.

  • Export options for a report now appear in a separate dialog and are also available from the Preview window. Also, a new output destination is available: FTP.

Stonefield Query Studio
  • Fields have a couple of new properties: Appears in and Output type.
  • New value converters are available: LookupFieldConverter, StringToDateTimeValueConverter, ExcelDateToDateTimeValueConverter, and NumericToBoolValueConverter.
  • The new User can manage connection string value for a database's Connection type property allows you to define the connection string for the database at runtime (in the Setup Wizard) without having to create a DataEngine plugin to set the connection string.
  • Some value converters and virtual table plugins now have builders to assist with editing the data for the plugin.

  • Two new types of virtual tables are available. The SQLStatementPlugin virtual table plugin uses the SQL statement and parameters specified in the plugin data to generate the virtual table; this is handy if you don't want to or can't create a view in the database. The ExcelToTablePlugin virtual table plugin reads from a Microsoft Excel document so you can query on Excel documents as easily as a database.

  • Studio has a new Export to Microsoft Excel function.

  • The Publish process now shuts down the application pool on the web server before copying files so you don't have to do it manually.