Monday, November 17, 2014

Stonefield Query for Sage Pro ERP Version 5.0

Stonefield Software Inc. is pleased to announce the release of version 5.0 of Stonefield Query for Sage Pro ERP. This release has numerous new features.

  • Stonefield Query has a new report type: gauge report. This allows you to create a gauge showing the current value of something compared to a target or goal value.
  • You can now create a "grouping" formula. A grouping formula is a powerful tool that allows you to create filtered summary values. For example, suppose you want columns in a report that show the sales for last year and the current year-to-date for each customer. Those aren't single values retrieved from the database. Instead, for the first column, use a grouping formula that sums up the sales records for each customer for last year, and use a similar one but for the current year for the second column.
  • You can now password protect the file created when a report is output to file or email.
  • You can now print to Dymo LabelWriter labels.
  • The Schedule Report function is now available only to advanced users.
  • A new output type is now available: Microsoft Excel - Full Format (*.xlsx), which creates Excel 2007 or later files. The former Microsoft Excel (*.xls) output type was renamed to Microsoft Excel 97-2003 - Full Format (*.xls) so you can tell them apart. The new type does not require Microsoft Excel to be installed to create the file.
  • The "red" error dialog that appears when something goes wrong now has a Help button that brings up the help with information about that dialog.
  • The Locations page in the Options dialog is now available only to administrative users.
  • The Subscription Expired dialog, which appears when you have subscription licenses and your subscription has expired, now has a "Don't remind me again" option; turn that option on to prevent the dialog from appearing again. Also, those licenses are now deactivated rather than being deleted, so if you renew your subscription, they are reactivated.