Friday, May 25, 2012

Stonefield Query for Sage Accpac ERP version 4.2.4526

Version 4.2.4526 is mostly a maintenance release, but there are a few new features:

  • There are now relationships between Purchase Order Requisitions (PORQNH1) and Requisition Vendors (PORQNLV), Accounts Receivable Receipts/Adjustments (ARTCR) and Account Sets (ARRAS), Receipts/Adjustments (ARTCR) and Documents (AROBL), and Applied Receipts/Adjustments (ARTCP) and Documents (AROBL).
  • The Payroll Check Advice report now includes the same information the Sage Accpac report does, including balances and accruals.
  • There is now an Earning/Deduction Balance field in the Payroll Check Details table and a Net Balance field in the Employee Earnings/Deductions table.
  • You can now define user group names up to 60 characters (the previous limit was 20).
  • You can now define report names up to 100 characters (the previous limit was 60).
  • You can now create an advanced layout report from a report with Summary turned on.