Friday, June 10, 2011

Stonefield Query SDK Version 4.1.4171

Version 4.1.4171 is mostly a maintenance release but there are some new features.

Report Designer
  • You can now turn on the "Suppress repeating values" setting for the last row field in a cross-tab report if desired.
  • You can now define security for individual databases in the Maintain Users and Groups dialog so only certain users can access certain databases.
  • You can now specify CC and BCC email addresses when emailing different pages in a report to separate addresses (which you do by turning on "Output each group as a separate file" and setting "Get email address from" to a field).
  • Date/time fields with the "Display date only" setting turned off can now be used in the row of cross-tab reports.
  • You can now pass default values to the GetValueForParameter and GetValueForField functions.
  • A sample ASP.Net web application is now available.
  • You can now check for updates in Stonefield Query Studio using the Check for Updates function in the Help Menu.
  • Stonefield Query Studio's title bar now shows the version number.
  • An option defined in an Options.Settings script can now have the "restart" attribute even if no "key" attribute is provided.
  • The new Application.SetupMenu script allows you to customize the Stonefield Query menus.
  • The new OutputOptions.Settings script allows you to define custom file output types.
  • The Table and Field drop-down lists for Display Field from Related Table now display table and field captions.
  • If you have certain tables you want ignored when you refresh a database, add a [NoRefresh] section to SFQuery.INI.
  • Stonefield Query Studio now automatically delimits table and field names that have mixed case in Firebird databases because Firebird requires it.
  • You can now specify that Stonefield Query uses case-insensitive joins when it performs joins by adding CaseInsensitiveJoins=Y to an [Options] section in SFQuery.INI.