Friday, July 31, 2009

Stonefield Query for Sage Accpac ERP 3.3 Build 3497

We released an update to Stonefield Query for Sage Accpac ERP version 3.3 today. In addition to the general changes made to Stonefield Query, it has the following new features and bug fixes.

  • Stonefield Query now supports the Return Material Authorization module and Norming Fixed Assets.
  • New fields in Account Fiscal Sets (General Ledger) allow you to report on the balance for each period.
  • You can now report on the Fiscal Calendars table (General Ledger).
  • The new built-in AccpacDateToRealDate function converts Accpac-formatted dates (which are stored as numeric values, such as 20090625 for 06/25/2009) into real date values. This function is useful when you create your own formulas that perform date math.
  • Relationships between for Location Item Details (Inventory Control) and Purchase History Detail (Purchase Orders), Contract Resource (Project and Job Costing), and Contract Resource Category (Project and Job Costing) were improved.
  • The relationship between Posting Journal Details and Posting Journal Entries (Accounts Payable) was corrected.
  • Optional fields now work for tables in the Project and Job Costing Module.
  • Formulas using fields from the Order Entry Combined Invoice & Credit Note Details table now work correctly, as do formulas using fields with the name "DESC."
  • A problem with the Extended Amount Less Discount field in the Order Entry Combined Invoice & Credit Note Details table was fixed.
  • The descriptions for the APOBLJ and AROBLJ tables were changed to "Document Details" to be more consistent with other table descriptions.