Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Stonefield Query for Sage BusinessVision Update

We have posted an updated version of Stonefield Query for Sage BusinessVision, with the following changes:
  • Stonefield Query will now attempt to automatically detect available BusinessVision databases. This removes the need for ODBC data sources to be set up manually for use in Query.
  • The data source management options have been improved. Maintaining data sources is now done through the Databases page on the Options screen, rather than through the Maintain Data Sources screen.
  • The Stonefield Query installation now includes the BusinessVision DDF files for versions 7.0 - 7.2 of BusinessVision, and Query will add them to BusinessVision database folders when possible. These files are required to be in the BusinessVision database folders for ODBC applications such as Query to be able to access the data, but BusinessVision does not automatically install them itself.
  • The available tables have been organized into data groups, such as Payroll and General Ledger, to make it easier to find tables in the list.
  • New fields Last Invoice Date and Last Invoice Number have been added to the Inventory table.
  • The new sample reports Inactive Inventory Items and Two Year Monthly Client Sales Comparison have been added.
  • The captions of the Country fields in several tables have been updated to distinguish between the Country (ie "Canada") and the Country Code (ie "CDN").
  • BusinessVision databases have a number of numeric fields in which logical values are stored as either 0 or 1. These are now treated as logical fields in Stonefield Query.
  • The behaviour of the "Ship To" address fields in the Sales Order and Purchase Order tables has been changed to account for BusinessVision's support for multiple ship-to addresses.