Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Stonefield Query Version 3.2 Build 3082

We posted updated versions of the Stonefield Query SDK, Stonefield Query for Sage Accpac ERP, and Stonefield Query for Sage Pro ERP today with the following changes.

All Versions

  • You no longer get an error in the Registration dialog if you renamed the ADMIN user.
  • The size of Avery 5266 labels was fixed so they now print properly (the sizing information provided to us by Avery was incorrect).
  • You can no longer drag a report or folder to a blank portion of the reports list; previously, this caused the report or folder to disappear.
  • The titles for the Dynamic Color and Dynamic Font Style dialogs are now localizable.
  • The Dynamic Color and Dynamic Font Style dialogs and all dialogs in the Advanced Report Designer now use the same icon as the rest of the Stonefield Query dialogs.
  • Certain types of fields that gave an error when used in a filter condition that compares another field to them no longer do so.
  • Fields that use a drop down list of values in the ask-at-runtime Filter Condition dialog now display the same value as the last time when you run a report several times.
  • Filtering on some types of calculated fields when those fields aren't included in the report no longer causes an error.
  • Stonefield Query is no longer sensitive to the date format for dates passed as parameters to linked reports.
  • Running a report that contains links no longer loses the list of databases the second time you run it. Also, the filter conditions in the FilterConditions object are now valid between runs of linked reports. Also, the header for the parent report is no longer changed to that of the child report.
  • Issues previewing reports when Windows is set to Chinese (PRC) have been corrected.
  • Turning off the Display Date Only option in the Field Properties dialog for a datetime field resulted in that field being displayed as MM/DD/YYYY rather than the correct Windows setting when used as a filter condition. This was corrected.


  • Errors that occurred when generating help files when Windows is set to Chinese (PRC) no longer occur.
  • The Generate Setup function now include the logo image file in the generated ISS script file.
  • You can now specify a custom control class to appear in the Setup dialog using the Setup.Settings script.
  • An error that occurred when you selected a data group or user group in the Configuration Utility when you have multiple data dictionaries and the second data dictionary contains the same tables as the first one but in different data groups was fixed.
  • Setup scripts generated from the Configuration Utility now put the runtime files in the Stonefield Query program folder.
  • Although this situation doesn't make sense, Stonefield Query no longer gives an error if you use the Display Field From Related Table option on a foreign key field and the field you choose to display is the primary key from the related table and these fields have the same name.

Sage Accpac ERP

  • Application startup performance was improved.

Sage Pro ERP

  • We've added support for Return Merchandise Authorization (RM) tables.
  • The Detail Line Explanation field in the GL Posted Transaction Details File (GLDENT.GLTDES) now displays the actual description rather than XML.
  • Some missing enumeration values were added, including "C" (for "Credit Card") to the PPRIORITY field in APMAST, APMST, and APYMST and "D" (for "Drop Shipment") to the SOTYPE field in SOYTRN and SOTRN.