Saturday, October 20, 2007

Version 3.2 Features (Proposed)

The following features are on the chopping block for Version 3.2. Your feedback will help us determine which of these features make the cut. Send your feedback to Stonefield Development.

Medium (1 – 2 weeks)• Option to specify that a field should appear in a specific group header (e.g. grouping on city and want to show state in group header as well)

• Output options:

• Specify file type for email attachment (PDF, Word, Excel, etc.)

• Specify document settings for PDF, Word, Excel: title, author, etc.

• Support features in Field Properties that are missing in Advanced Report Designer eg. linking

• Support same named reports in different folders. Issue with methods like GetReportByName.

• Support for “week” for date format in cross-tab and charts. Need items in Options dialog for how formatted and starting day of week

• Single dialog for all ask-at-runtime conditions

• More template options for cross-tab reports e.g. different formatting for row, column, and total fields

• Add description of each function in Expression Builder

• Multi-line headings for fields

• Option to sort by aggregate values in cross-tabs

• Support HTML text in GoldMine and ACT

• Link action: Google map or MapQuest

• Link action: search multiple Web sites for selected contact: Google, Google Photos, LinkedIn, etc.

Small (1 – 4 days)

• Support Crystal reports

• Show progress as pages rendered

• Adding a field in the Advanced Report Designer with the same name as a field already in the report but from a different table should automatically add “_A” suffix

• Support "include all fields in same table in group header" with summary reports

• Email option in preview window

• Auto-import reports in auto-import folder

• More options in Field Properties dialog about how to display date in cross-tab or chart e.g. display month as Mmmm YYYY, Mmm YYYY, Mmm YY, etc.

• Named vs. concurrent users

• Specify position (e.g. first or last page) of chart in quick or cross-tab report

• Option to include field value in cross-tab subtotal lines (e.g. “Subtotal for Canada”)

• Location of reports folder and target app folder in Options dialog

• More control over what users can do in Maintain Users and Groups dialog e.g. access Template Editor, scheduling reports, etc.

• Field Properties dialog: rotation option so don’t have to use Advanced Report Designer

• Mover bars in Rows and Data lists for cross-tabs

• Function in Configuration Utility to export to XML. This allows someone to export, modify in something like Excel or Access, then re-import.

Again, send us your feedback on these proposed features. We want to know if these are the things you want in Query. If there's something you would like that's not on the list, submit those too.