Thursday, March 15, 2018

Stonefield Query for Act! Becomes Reporting4Act!

Stonefield Software is pleased to announce a deal with Keystroke Quality Computing: effective March 15, 2018, Keystroke is the exclusive worldwide distributor of our Act! reporting solution. “Stonefield Query for Act!” has been rebranded to “Reporting4Act! - Powered by Stonefield Query” and is available in three new tiers: Pro, Premium, and Ultimate, designed to fit all budgets. All tiers of Reporting4Act! include hundreds of built-in Act! reporting templates and support the custom tables in the new Act! Premium Plus 20.1 right out of the box.

This partnership combines the distribution reach of the world’s #1 Act! Reseller with the technology of the best Act! reporting software on the market, and completes Keystroke’s suite of CRM add-on products including reporting, database design, and workflow automation. For more details, see Keystroke's blog post.

Here are answers to some common questions about this deal.

What happens to my Stonefield Query for Act!?

Nothing: you can continue to use it as you did before. When you upgrade to a new version, you’ll be upgrading to Reporting4Act!, as it replaces Stonefield Query for Act!. Speaking of which, you’ll want to upgrade to version 7.0, because it adds a lot of new features, including support for custom tables added in Act Premium Plus version 20.1 and later.

How does support work?

The same as it did before: Stonefield Software continues to provide support for both Stonefield Query for Act! and Reporting4Act!. You continue to request support by creating a support ticket on our web site.

How does software maintenance work?

If you purchased Stonefield Query for Act! from Stonefield Software, we will contact you when your software maintenance is due for renewal as we did before. If you purchased Reporting4Act! from Keystroke, they will contact you. Software maintenance works the same regardless who you purchase it from: you continue to receive updates, technical support, and use of subscription licenses as long as your software maintenance is current.

Why did Stonefield do this?

Keystroke is a world-renowned Act! reseller with a much bigger global reach than Stonefield. They also have a larger marketing and sales team. As a result, they can reach more resellers and end-users than Stonefield could ever hope to. We feel that this partnership makes both companies better and allows us to put our reporting solution into the hands of more people than ever.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Calculating Profit Margin and Other Expressions with Division

An expression that does division, such as calculating profit margin, is trickier than it looks. The problem is how do you calculate a group or end-of-report value?

For example, you can create a formula to calculate the profit margin of an item using something like "(SaleAmount - Cost)/SaleAmount * 100." That expression works correctly for detail items but not for groups. Suppose an invoice has one item sold for $2.00 that you paid $1.00 for (a 50% margin) and another item for $20.00 that you paid $15.00 for (a 25% margin). The total sale amount for the invoice is $22.00 and the total cost of the items is $16.00 for an overall margin of 27%. For a group footer for that invoice, you clearly can't sum the margins (25 + 50 = 75%), nor can you average them ((25 + 50)/2 = 37.5%). What you really need the report to do is to total the sales amounts, total the cost amounts, and then calculate the margin at the group level from those totals.

Fortunately, Stonefield Query has a way to do that: formulas with group level recalculation. See the help topic for “Creating Your Own Formulas” for a discussion of how to use that feature.

If you’re doing the calculations manually in the Advanced Report Designer rather than with formulas, you need to calculate the margin with variables. In the Advanced Report Designer, choose Variables from the Report menu, click Add, enter a name such as GroupPrice, and use these settings:

Value to store: the name of the field containing the price, such as EXTPRICE
Initial value: 0
Reset value: choose which group to restart the calculation on
Calculation type: Sum

This tells Stonefield Query to sum up the price field at the group level. Create another variable named TotalPrice with the same settings but Reset Value should be Report so it sums the price field for the whole report.

Create two more variables, GroupCost and TotalCost, that are similar but use the name of the cost field instead.

Finally, use these variables in fields in the Group Footer band and Summary band to display the overall margin. For example, for the one in the Group Footer band, use:

iif(GroupPrice = 0, 0, (GroupPrice - GroupCost) / GroupPrice * 100)

That way, the calculation is done the same way you'd do it by hand: total up the price, total up the cost, and do the calculation on the totals.

Monday, January 22, 2018

ClickBase Competitive Upgrade

With the ending of support for ClickBase for AccountMate, finding a replacement may be difficult. Stonefield Query is that replacement.

Stonefield Query for AccountMate provides a step-by-step method to create professional business reports from information stored in AccountMate. Anyone can create detailed reports, high level overview, drill-down, charts/graphs, pivot tables, and more in minutes rather than hours. Stonefield Query for AccountMate works with the latest version of AccountMate SQL and earlier versions.

Stonefield Software is offering AccountMate users a 50% off competitive upgrade from ClickBase to Stonefield Query for AccountMate until June 30, 2018.  That includes one Report Designer license and five Report Viewer Subscription licenses. Contact for more details.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Stonefield Query for AccountMate webinars

Stonefield is presenting a webinar for AccountMate Business Partners on Stonefield Query for AccountMate and our new ClickBase competitive upgrade on Wednesday, January 17, 2018 at 1:00 Eastern. Register today on the AccountMate Business Partner web site.

We are also presenting a webinar for AccountMate users on Stonefield Query for AccountMate and our new ClickBase competitive upgrade on Wednesday, February 7, 2018 at 1:00 Eastern. Register today at